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  1. TurboTx

    All-new BMW 3 series revealed

  2. TurboTx

    Stinger AWD with intake vs. Modded Stinger RWD

  3. TurboTx

    Stinger vs. Camaro SS at the track; bad ending

    Hope they offered track insurance. [sad] https://youtu.be/-hnEjHrOM8s
  4. TurboTx

    LAP3 Uncle Chip review

    Kia Stinger LAP3 Uncle Chip review So I received and installed my Uncle Chip yesterday. I know there have been some questions about how to install, but trust me, it really is simple; it truly is a 5 minute job, even for the non-mechanical. I'll go over it in a sec. What you really want to know...
  5. TurboTx

    Cool thermal view of Stinger GT on dyno

    Looks hot (pun intended)... https://youtu.be/OTd94UBOiy0
  6. TurboTx

    Drag race: Stinger vs. G70 vs. Q50 hybrid

  7. TurboTx

    Let's play Name the Prototype

    The person that took these thought they were Stinger prototypes, which clearly isn't the case. But, what could they actually be? Hmmm...[confused]
  8. TurboTx

    Can an aftermarket exhaust free up THIS much HP?

    If these numbers are accurate, the GT and 2.0 must have seriously restricted exhausts:
  9. TurboTx

    Stinger V6 now has an ECU tune available

    Very exciting. Just as I figured, 400+ hp is available with just a simple tune....