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  1. spider55

    Help with alignment question

    Welcome, unfortunately not every alignment shop knows how to align these cars. Talk to your friends & see who they recommend, even some of the dealerships don't know WTH they are talking about.
  2. spider55

    FS Stock Exhaust - 2018 Stinger GT2

    Welcome Aboard
  3. spider55

    FS WTB JB4

    If I come across one I'll let you know.
  4. spider55

    Need help on upgrade options!!!!

    Don't buy the Denso spark plugs, there crap, buy the HKS M45iL. The HKS will cost more but you get what you pay for. I owned a JB4 back in the day, love it but I went with a ECU tune. The JB4 is nice because when you take your car to the dealership it's easy to remove.
  5. spider55

    Proud 2018 G90 3.3TT AWD Owner

    Welcome & congratulations
  6. spider55

    FS Injen 3.3L Intake. New!

    Welcome @Andremedina44
  7. spider55

    Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

    Welcome & congratulations, I don't know about your area but I went with PearlNano Ceramic Coating & it was paint corrected before it was put on. If you can get it done I highly recommend it.
  8. spider55

    FS Brand New Kia Stinger - ATQ Subframe Chassis Collar Kit $200 inc. shipping

    Yep, I've had these installed for the past 4+ years, plus with the Ultra racing chassis bracing, Eibach Sway bars & Eibach springs. Car handles great
  9. spider55

    Just bought 2021 CPO G80

    Welcome & congratulations I personally don't take my car to the dealer because I don't trust them. The only time I take the car to a dealership is for warranty work. Some dealers are A$$holes, unless your spending money there they don't want anything to do with you.
  10. spider55

    Just bought a 2019 G90

    Welcome, whom ever you bought the car from should should have replaced the tire for free. They sold you a car with a bad tire.
  11. spider55

    New guy here

    Welcome, yes you can run a 8.5F & 9.0R
  12. spider55

    DIY; ARK Performance Stinger GT-F Lowering Springs Installation Guide

    You need to use loctite on the threads where the lock nut is then let it sit for 12 hours so it can dry.
  13. spider55

    Same size tires front and rear on GT

    The biggest you can fit is 275, 265 for sure.
  14. spider55

    Dual Clutch Transmission

    None of the Stingers came with a DCT, I do believe the New K5 GT came with one.
  15. spider55

    PPF, Ceramic Coating or both?

    I have PPF on the front of the car & then paint correction ceramic coating on the rest of the car.
  16. spider55

    2023 G80 3.5 T Sport Plus AWD

    Welcome, great looking car, both of them
  17. spider55

    New member

    Welcome aboard, post a photo when you get a chance
  18. spider55

    Navigation System update - 2019 Kia Stinger

    Sounds like you forgot a step, here's a couple of videos to show the process. Hope this helps. (1) How to Update Maps on Your Kia - YouTube (1) Kia Navigation Update - Step by Step instructions - YouTube
  19. spider55

    Same size tires front and rear on GT

    Yes you can run a 255 in the front & if you have a 18x10.5 45 to 48 offset on the rear you can run a 295. My setup is 19x8.5 35 19x11 50 255/295
  20. spider55

    305 Width Rear Tires?

    My wheel specs are 19x8.5 35 19x11 50. The 11in wide rear wheel is the largest you can install in the rear without spacers If you had a widebody kit installed you can go wider.