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2020 G90 parking distance warning system will not stay on


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2020 G90
I own a 2020 G90 and just bought it used (March 12) with about 50K miles on it. Many issues have cropped up that would not have been known until after I have been driving and using the features of the car. None of these issues were apparent at test driving the car or taking delivery of it. After it sat in my garage overnight, I discovered a loud engine clank on a cold start up. (I never got to start up the car COLD at the dealer before buying it). They claim that it is a timing chain tension-er issue and they repaired it. Then after they updated the navigation map software, it will no longer connect correctly to Genesis Connect services. (A couple of the services will work but not all of them)..they are replacing the entire head unit and hope that it fixes that issue. The AC would blow lukewarm after 20 minutes or so and remain warm for 12 seconds before turning cold again. They are replacing the compressor......In my book that is ton of issues for what I was hoping to be a reliable and somewhat trouble-free car.
Here is the issue that has them baffled: The parking distance warning system (You press the button P that illuminates to engage the system and it beeps as you get close to an object) will work when you press to engage. It will randomly turn OFF and will not stay engaged the next time you start the car, even though GENESIS and the dealer and tech help acknowledge that it should stay on until you DIS-engage it. The replaced the physical switch, which I KNEW was not the problem, because they claimed that GENESIS mandates that they go through steps. They determined that they need to replace the BCM (control module). Here is the problem....they claim that it is NOT available and they have checked everywhere in the USA. Does anyone have a similar issue and how did you resolve it? Thanks


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