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Mando SDC ECS10 Electronic Suspension Control

Denistone west
What I Drive
2019 GT2 Stinger 3.3
I recently purchased and installed the Mando SDC ECS10 Electronic Suspension Control module. I have some questions to others who may have the same module installed either in a Stinger or Genesis (apparently same unit or functioning).
The module arrived to me in Australia within a few days with what looks like user instructions not in English. The module appears to work when after starting the car and you Bluetooth connect to the unit and Activate a selected mode. It also appears the app does not read what settings are currently set in the module after Bluetooth connection.

My questions are:
  1. Is the car-installed module functional only after it has been initially Activated through the app? or
  2. Does the car-installed module remember what settings have previously been selected on the app after the car has been re-started? or
  3. Does the car-installed module have to be Activated each time the car is started?
4. On the app, once both Comfort and Sport modes have both been initially activated does this mean that those app settings are applied to the module and will be used each time the car is put into Sport or Comfort mode without the app running? or
5. When you change driving mode you need to change the mode in the app as well?
6. If I change driving mode in the car away from that selected in the app does that disable the module so it reverts back to standard car settings?

I'm about to do between 5,000 to 7,000 klms (probably more) on outback sealed country roads and i don't want to be stuffing around with an app as well as the car controls. Our roads are challenging at the moment (because of the heavy rain we recently had) as i broke a steering rod arm ball joint in a pothole in the city. Our country roads now have potholes within potholes, lol.
What I Drive
2021 Stinger CK (GT2)
try to download the App again from Playstore, APKpure or similar shops.
There is an English version of the App.

The App does not show the current settings at all.
There are two default settings and you can program it with your custom settings.

1. Nope - it's active right away if you supply it correctly with power (Permanent & Ignition)
2. Yes it does - it remains within the last setting except you kill the permanent power.
3. No normally not - there is a configurable "auto-connect" slider in the App.
But it could be tricky some times and also requires that your GPS is on when activate it the first time. (Data Mining)
4. Nope - The App is independent from your cars settings and and the ECS overrides those and stays in the selected mode.
5. Nope - App and ECS rules.
6. Nope - except you're disabling the ECSs power (thats why I added a power switch to do so)


Play around with the speed dependent stiffness settings.
Use the one that suits you most.
You have to apply very low settings to recognize it on bad roads.

Choose the settings for the rear axle a couple percent harder than the front ones.

I also would avoid to fumble around with settings during driving - that's anyhow not recommended.
But you can setup a couple of settings beforehand.

Interestingly you have two types of settings - ride and handling.
Handling is the stiffness when you hit the pedal hard (trunk down) or when you brake (nose down)

It is very easy with the ECS that you're "overdoing" your settings and experience a very unstable car handling.
It needs quite some time to find "YOUR" ideal settings.
They are dependent from many factors such as: Improved sway bars, lowering coils as well as from your used tires (19" / 20"...) and rims.
There is no ideal setting for all situations.
Since your ride behaves very differently within different ECS settings, give yourself time to get adapted.

Surprisingly stiffer settings won't work that good on our interstates here.
The setting I prefer on country roads (mountain areas) won't work well when on the interstate and exceeding 240 kph.
The setting which work best on bad inner city low speed zones won't work on country roads.
So I use 3 settings plus the two default ones which are close to the stock settings but a bit stiffer all together.

And that's exactly the point when a disable switch is coming handy.
If the situation does not allow to open the App and look for a certain setting, I switch the ECS into off mode and voila I'm in the stock settings.
At least that settings was designed to cope with standard situations by the Kia engineers.

The ECS is really not bad to bring much more comfort to your ride.
Expectations that the ECS would turn the Stinger suspension into a race car setup are either based on marketing gossip or false allegations by some owners. As hard as shaking the fillings outta your molars does necessarily means sporty.

Hope this helped a little.