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[VENDOR][FS]: Kia Stinger 3.3T - STILLEN Air Intake System - K8 Stinger Store

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United States

Is very excited to bring to the Stinger community:

The Kia Stinger 3.3T - STILLEN Air Intake System


For those drivers out there with a Kia Stinger 3.3T who want improved performance with a show quality shine, STILLEN has introduced their new Air Intakes that replaces the restrictive factory air boxes with two (2) dual cone high flow conical air filters of your choice (wet K&N or dry AEM). These filters are designed with an integral velocity stack and attach to the aluminum intake tubing. Replacing the factory intake tubes with the STILLEN design adds additional horsepower and a great look for the engine bay.

As with all of our urethane intake boxes, these can be left natural black or painted to match the color scheme of the car. The STILLEN Dual Hi-Flow Intakes are mild under cruising situations and really comes to life creating an impressive intake note under acceleration.

The filters sit inside custom-fitted urethane intake boxes, which ensure no hot engine compartment air gets fed into the intake tract. This creates a cold air path, and unlike other manufacturers who only partially shield the filter from the hot underhood air, STILLEN has fully enclosed the filters and draws on cold air from behind the grille, for optimum performance.


Built To Last - Designed & Built in the U.S.A.
More Efficient Air Filter Media Enhances Airflow Improves mileage per gallon (MPG)
Molded Heat Shields Help Prevent Hot Air From Entering Intake for Consistent Performance
Larger Surface Area Air Filters for Greater Intake Airflow Capacity
Enhanced Throttle Response Across the Rev Range
Dyno'd results show +18 HP / +21TQ gains
Simple Installation - Easy Enough to Do In Your Driveway!
Visually Improves Engine Bay Aesthetics & Appearance
Runs Great on OEM Tune, No CEL, No Tune Needed!
Choose between either Oiled K&N Filters or Dry AEM Filters

Vehicle Applications:
2018+ Kia Stinger 3.3T (All Trims)


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